Oil Trading and Operations

This training course gives an insight into the crude oil and products trading markets and, the operations and control of supply contracts, including shipping.

This four day course will cover and discuss the following topics:

  • The operations process
    • Documentation
    • Role obligations and rights
    • Letter of credit
    • Letter of indemnity
    • Cargo inspection
    • Areas of contention
    • Breach
    • Dispute resolution
  • The shipping market
    • Chartering
    • Freight costing and worldscale rates
    • Vessel vetting and nomination
    • AFRA rates and demurrage
  • Refining industry
    • Refining economics
  • Pricing in oil markets
    • Benchmarks and differentials
    • Price makers and price takers
  • Oil fundamentals
    • Industry structure
    • Reserves and supply
    • Demand
    • Factors that affect demand
    • Geography of demand
  • Trading oil
    • Market participants
    • Oil contracts and clauses
    • Product quality
    • Deal negotiations

This course is designed for those interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the
International oil trading business.

Course consultant : Christopher Heilpern, Business and Training consultant

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CITAC African Downstream Workshops will held in Cape Town on 28th and 29th March 2019.  Information on topics and speakers will be available soon.