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Identify strategic opportunities in the African downstream energy market. Our market-leading consultancy includes market research, forecasting, strategic analysis, objective advice and vital help with implementation.

Choose from retainer services or consulting on a project by project basis to position your business for success.

Market Reports

Explore up-to-the-minute trends and stay informed about Africa’s dynamic downstream energy market

Why 2018 may be as wild as 2014

The discovery of a leak in the North Sea Forties Pipeline in December 2017 set the cat among the pigeons for global oil markets …

Fundamentals of Oil Trading

This training course gives a comprehensive insight into the international crude oil and product markets

CITAC Training

Comprehensive training courses to equip your people with the necessary competencies and skills to succeed in the African downstream energy market.

Find out more about our live data from the Downstream African Energy markets.

How do you assess investing in African refining?

Any investment in the petroleum refining business has to be made with …

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CITAC next training courses

10 – 14 September 2018
Fundamentals of Oil Trading in Accra

05 – 09 November 2018
Solving your Oil Product Supply Chain Challenges in Nairobi

19 – 22 November 2018
Managing Oil Trading Risk in Accra


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